Your Donations are Needed aND Appreciated

As a non-profit organization, the Center For Hope Hospice & Palliative Care depends greatly upon the generosity of each individual. Your tax deductible donations are used to support the Center's various programs that allow our patients to live the remainder of their lives with dignity and in comfort, surrounded by those they hold dearly. Your donations also have a direct impact on the charitable care the Center will provide in the future.

On behalf of everyone associated with the Center and all of the patients and families you are directly assisting, thank you in advance for your support. You are guaranteeing that the Center remains a totally independent, community based, non-profit organization that is patient focused and never profit driven.

If you'd like to make your check or credit card donation by mail, please print and complete THIS FORM and mail it back to us or drop it off at one of our residences. You can also make your contribution by phone by calling Christina at (908) 288-9105. We also accept PayPal donations.

Support our
2024 Spring Appeal

Every dollar has a purpose.  Your donated dollars serve many purposes...including providing much needed Charitable Care to terminally ill patients in need.  So much depends on you.

IRA Donations

For those 70 ½ or older you can donate money from your IRA and will not have to report it on your income tax return. Additionally, the amount donated will reduce your required minimum distribution.

To qualify, the distribution must be made directly to the charity from your IRA. However, you can have the IRA send the check to you payable to the charity and then give it to the charity.

Fill out the form below if you need more information.

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Building Hope...One Brick at a Time

There are many ways to remember someone you loved. Respectfully, we would like to suggest a way that not only honors your loved one, but simultaneously supports the Center and its ability to assist other families in the future.

Placing a memorial brick at our Scotch Plains or Elizabeth residence is an affirmation in the belief that hospice services need not be profit driven and that community based, independent organizations can rely on donors and not shareholders.

Download your order form by clicking the button below. For more information or to request that an order form be mailed to you, please contact the Center at (908) 889-7780.