Proudly Nonprofit

By choosing The Center for Hope, you are bringing the very finest hospice care into your life and simultaneously ensuring that the same quality care and excellence in service will be available to countless others in the future.

The Center for Hope is an independent, non-profit, community based organization that is driven by a mission incorporating both quality and equality – the firm belief that the best hospice services need to be accessible by everyone.  As such, no patient is denied services due to an inability to pay.

Choosing the Center is an affirmation of the viability of care that is not driven by profit. We have no owner, no investors and no shareholders to satisfy. Every dollar the Center earns is used to pay our highly trained staff and to cover other related expenses. Stringent public disclosure requirements ensure the Center is fiscally transparent.  The remaining revenue is reinvested back into the community largely through the Center’s Charitable Care Program. A recent independent audit confirmed that throughout the past fiscal year, the Center returned almost $3,800,000 in significantly reduced cost or free care to patients in need.

We are grateful to the many foundations, corporations, businesses and individuals that support the Center, our mission, and the many patients and families that depend on this generosity.  We are also grateful to the County of Union, who generously supports our mission.