About Us

The Center’s unique combination of hospice and residential services allows for a seamless transition to increased support as your needs change. Our Nurse Case Managers will guide you and your family through all the care and service options available.

In addition to our Registered Nurses, our professionally trained and licensed staff of Social Workers, Practical Nurses and Certified Home Health Aides form a support system dedicated to sustaining you and your family with tangible services with an understanding of the difficult emotions involved. Our Spiritual and Bereavement Counselors who, along with our fully trained volunteers, provide an extra level of comfort, support and service.

We are here to help 24 hours a day. Our entire staff, regardless of their individual role, is committed to providing you with the security of knowing that during this difficult time you are never alone. Call us today. Your questions will be answered by an experienced and sympathetic person eager to assist.

​With the Center for Hope, you're never alone.

Our Mission and History

The Center for Hope Hospice provides terminally ill patients with the natural, humane care known as hospice and their families or loved ones with physical, emotional, and spiritual support during their time of need.

The Center brings to its patients a new, caring quality of life that actively supports the individual’s right to live out the remainder of their life with dignity and in comfort, surrounded by the love of family and friends, and eased from the burdens of distress be it physical, emotional, spiritual, financial or social.​

The Center provides family and loved ones with the opportunity to discover and embrace the gift of life as they journey through loss.

The Center welcomes all terminally ill patients, their families and loved ones without concern for race, ethnicity, religious affiliation or ability to pay.

Our Board of Trustees

JoAnn Minnicino, Chair
Brigita Rumpeters, Vice Chair, Chair of Development Board
Helga Thomas, Secretary
Mary McTigue, DNP, RNC, CENP, Assistant Secretary
Frank Brady, MPA, RN, President
James A. Hughes
Barbara Hunter-Yankevicz

Marge Hussey, Auxiliary Representative
William Jacobs
Thomas N. Kasper
Alfred Sauer, Esq.

Thomas Sharkey, Jr.