Grief & Bereavement

The Center for Hope’s spiritual counselors and social workers are trained to listen respectfully and support the journey of both patients and family members no matter what their faith, denomination or beliefs.

Bereavement support groups are regularly available in our Scotch Plains location.  Repeating 8 week bereavement groups are on Tuesdays at 2 PM in person at the Center For Hope in Scotch Plains and Monday nights virtually at 7 PM. The next 8 week sessions start April 15th and 16th. To register for the group or if you need immediate bereavement help, please call Carol White at 908-267-7832 or fill out the form below.

Our counselors help patients and families cope with the many aspects of the end of life, either directly or by coordinating services with community spiritual advisors.

Guidance in some, many, or all of the following areas has been beneficial for others:​

  • Exploring spiritual concerns
  • Discussing your beliefs
  • Negotiating feelings of anger and fear
  • Providing a safe space to express feelings
  • Encouraging self-reflection
  • Exploring issues of worth and dignity
  • Mediating religious differences within the family
  • Assisting with funeral or memorial services
  • Leading prayer and meditation
  • Helping to process grief and loss
  • Helping to work through feelings of remorse
  • Consulting on ethical dilemmas
  • Reconciling feelings of guilt and regret
  • Maintaining contact with faith communities

To learn more about the Center for Hope and our spiritual and bereavement services, or the register for the next group bereavement session (registration is required), please contact the Center at 908.889.7780.

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