Hospice & Palliative Care Resources

Why We Love Our Hospice and Palliative Care Nurses

July 1, 2018

At the Center for Hope, our hospice and palliative care nurses are more than health care providers—they are true caregivers in so many ways.

Working in collaboration with physicians, social workers, chaplains, volunteers and others who touch our patients’ lives, they lift up our patients’ spirits and go the extra mile (or two or three) to make a difference for them and their loved ones.

Hospice and palliative care nurses are a breed apart. This is a nursing specialty that focuses on end-of-life care through pain and symptom management, but it’s not only about pain control. A big part of what they offer is personal and emotional care as well. They are the frontline eyes and ears for patients and family caregivers who are experiencing anxiety or fear – who may need assurance and succor.

By relieving discomfort, our nurses, in partnership with our wonderful volunteers, also create a space where patients and their families can have more fulfilling days – days to enjoy visits from canine therapists, to listen to their favorite music, enjoy a family BBQ or take in the sun on a patio.

Our nursing team is available around the clock, armed with a large dose of compassion, sensitivity to cultural differences and values and great listening skills. Those listening skills have led to our nursing staff to create extraordinary moments for our patients and their loved ones, such as the “Christmas in February” celebration held at Peggy’s House, helping a patient enjoy a day at the theatre (and meet a favorite performer!) or helping to restore a smile in a patient’s final days.

For those receiving hospice care in the home, our Center for Hope nurses are a valuable resource for family caregivers. In addition to checking on the patient’s condition, they show caregivers how to manage care tasks, provide respite support and a friendly presence during a stressful time and answer questions about what to expect during the patient’s journey. For those in our care (be it in one of our facilities or in their own private residence), we have an always-awake nurse available through the night, should any issue arise – whether it’s an emergency or not.

What do you love most about the nursing team at Center for Hope? Does your family have someone special you’d like to commend? We’d love to hear from you.