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Assisted Living at the Center for Hope

June 1, 2018

Did you know that the Center for Hope is also a home for those who desire or need assisted living? There are various reasons why patients choose an assisted living arrangement at Peggy’s House, our residence in Scotch Plains.

People who elect assisted living are not seeking complex medical interventions or procedures. In general, assisted living residents are seniors who may not be safe living on their own any longer and who need assistance performing one or more activities of daily living (ADLs); these include bathing, grooming, dressing and eating. However, as is often the case with palliative care and hospice patients, the individual could be younger but, due to health conditions, is a good candidate for assisted living.

Assisted living allows for as much independence as patients wish to have, with the support services and personal care they need. Our staff provides assistance with certain ADLs. Our nurses will offer medication reminders or medication assistance. Delicious, freshly prepared meals are provided. And, because our residences offer private rooms and lovely gathering spaces, the atmosphere is very home-like and comforting.

Some of our assisted living residents are in treatment for failing health or chronic health conditions and have chosen the Center because the environment is warm and welcoming, and high-quality palliative care and supportive services are always there to complement their medical treatments. Others may have come in as hospice patients and for certain reasons, are no longer deemed hospice-appropriate. Rather than return home, they choose to switch to assisted living status at the Center, where they can enjoy being around others in a familiar place, with the support they need to age in place with dignity.

They also enjoy visits from canine therapists and music therapists, listen to favorite music on their own iPod provided by the Center, spend time with our volunteers, and can take in the sun on our patios in warm weather.

For more information about our customized treatment plans for individuals seeking assisted living at the Center for Hope, call (908) 889-7780.